Eric Roberts as “The Sheriff, John Denning”
(The Dark Knight, Heroes, The Expendables)

Rick Overton as “Wayne”
(The Informant, Groundhog Day, Willow, Six Feet Under)

Marty Rackham as “Nic Bruno”
(Sex and the City, NYPD Blue, CSI, Judging Amy)

Owen Smith as “DJ Tremor”
(Everybody Hates Chris, Comedy Central, BET)

Brian Dunkleman as “David Silverstein”
(Host of American Idol, Current Host of American Idol Rewind)

Victoria Pratt as “Kelli”
(Journey to the Center of the Earth, NCIS)

Michael DeLuise as “Todd”
(Gilmore Girls, CSI, Lost, Las Vegas)

Justine Brandy as “Tina”
(Halloween 6, CSI, Boomtown, Dogstar)

Jim O’Heir as “Wilford the club owner”
(Parks and Recreation, Without a Trace, Cold Case)

Justin Shenkarow as “Hades”
(W.I.T.C.H., House of the Dead 2, Picket Fences)

Scott LaRose as the” Heckler”
(Seinfeld, Booty Call, Ed T.V.)

The Cast